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happy Pico day!

2010-05-01 16:50:23 by boomer124

i don't really understand Pico day,so i don't have much to say about that.

on another subject, I'm thinking of getting a new Icon. still making it. until then, just keep playing Torture Game 2! IT'S AWESOME! and forget about the M rating, there's nothing dirty. just a whole bunch of blood! >:D

hi again!

2010-03-29 20:31:30 by boomer124

ok, i know it's been a while since I've been on, but i can make up for it. the truth is, I've been spending time playing this game called "spewer" by Blue Baby. if you haven't played it yet, try it now! basically all you really do is puke through the levels, but it's still very mind twisting. i give it 10 starts just for the cute little character you play! AND THAT'S NOT ALL! you can make your own levels and test them out. i haven't figured it out yet, but i think you can send the level to Blue Baby incase he makes an update with that level or if he makes Spewer 2. go out there and SPEW SPEW SPEW!

new pic

2009-06-29 17:57:59 by boomer124

i sure hope it shows. i give to you, a dog with its nose stuck in a red football! lol, right? my mom named it though.

new pic


2009-06-29 12:55:44 by boomer124

i FINNALY got an icon! behold, ULTIMANT CLOCKFACE! heres a link to the game that i made it on.


lol you might think im crazy but you know that nights game? and you know the sonic games? well i think nights and shadow are perfect for eachother! but then so are shadow and cream! i need YOU to help me decide! should i suport shadights or shadeam? also, im still working on the lirics for still alive. later on you can tell me if i got them right. for now, PLEASE help me dicide!

kitty crew

2009-02-07 10:03:55 by boomer124


did anyone hear? kittykrew just lost a member!




i don't have much else to say.its sad.

new:still alive

2009-02-03 16:58:20 by boomer124


this was a trumph. i'm making a note here: HUGE SUCSES! its hard to over state my satisfaction! HSDG. we do what we most because we can. except the ones that are dead. bu theres no sense crying over every mistake! you just keep on trying tell you make up a cake! for the people who are still alicve! i'm being so sinsere right now! even though you broke my heart and killed me. i was so happy for you! every route of data we realeesing on time! go head and leeve me. maybey you'll find someone else to help you. enyway this cake is great! people who are still alive! i'm still alive! still alive! still alive...

still alive!

2009-02-02 20:13:10 by boomer124

this was a triumph! i'm making a note: huge sucses! its hard to over state my satisfaction!

for the people who are still alive!

even though bubles123 broke my heart.
for the people that are still alive!
go ahead and leave me. maybe you'll find someone else!

anyway this cake is great! and the people who are still alive!

pikachu music vidio

2009-01-29 18:57:14 by boomer124

has anyone sen the pikachu music video? its so cute!but when my freinds found out i liked Pokemon I got Beaten...