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a new couple in sega that i've made

2009-06-29 12:23:07 by boomer124

lol you might think im crazy but you know that nights game? and you know the sonic games? well i think nights and shadow are perfect for eachother! but then so are shadow and cream! i need YOU to help me decide! should i suport shadights or shadeam? also, im still working on the lirics for still alive. later on you can tell me if i got them right. for now, PLEASE help me dicide!


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2009-06-29 12:25:13

shadow can have anyone. that's the red dude right?

boomer124 responds:

no i think your thinking of knuckles. shadow is he awsome black hedgehog with red stripes on his quils. he's the " ultimat lifeform" ofr something like that. i cant beleave i got coments this quick!


2009-06-29 12:53:39


Also, you want Still Alive lyrics? I posted them ages ago,

boomer124 responds:

oh, ok. and thanks. i was having a hard time here.


2009-06-29 13:45:58

Not a problem, and I have been working on a German version of Still Alive...

boomer124 responds:

german? wow, you must be studying hard!


2009-06-29 18:13:42

Yeah, I finished school for good a few weeks ago... I had been planning to have it ready for my final ever German exam and then realised it might not go down so well, not really something I wanted to cost me a college place :P

boomer124 responds:

i agree. say, have you seen the picture on my latest blog yet? its pretty cute.