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new:still alive

2009-02-03 16:58:20 by boomer124


this was a trumph. i'm making a note here: HUGE SUCSES! its hard to over state my satisfaction! HSDG. we do what we most because we can. except the ones that are dead. bu theres no sense crying over every mistake! you just keep on trying tell you make up a cake! for the people who are still alicve! i'm being so sinsere right now! even though you broke my heart and killed me. i was so happy for you! every route of data we realeesing on time! go head and leeve me. maybey you'll find someone else to help you. enyway this cake is great! people who are still alive! i'm still alive! still alive! still alive...


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2009-02-03 17:22:35

No offense, but that... kinda sucked.

(Updated ) boomer124 responds:

yeah, i know. but , hey, nobodys perfect. im getting better though. i still couldnt keep up with the music.